Under the Surface – Online exhibition

Under the Surface was born as an open-call from the Berlin Mafia team as an answer to the European Month of Photography Call in October and November. After a curation job within our familia we pick a selection of photographs by 16 young Berlin-based visual artists. Each artist’s collection of images presents indescribable in-between moments, ungraspable textures, and close-ups of their lives and environments which can’t be located.

Even if we can’t see it, beneath the surface, molecules are bonding and energy is pushing up slowly. It’s not just the material that is working, it is an opening into the processes of life within and around it.

This are some of the best pictures from the show, you can also buy the book memoir on our online shop.

© Adele Dalla Forza 

© Marvin J

©Andrea Ferro


© anna martyneko

© Julia Shropshire

© Chris Aragon

© Guillermo Espinosa

© Natalie Hoyos-Herrmann

© Gadi Sahar

© Charlotte Giordano

© Ishay (Jesse) Linderberg

©  Jeremy Knowles

© niko mitsuko

© Antonio Castello

© Tina Dubrovsky

© Zeno Spyropoulos

The exhibition

Due to the COVD-19 regulations, most of the EMOP (European Month of Photography) events had to be canceled earlier or hard to visit at all. We decided then to showcase these photos at an intimate private event for friends and family of the Berlin Mafia. The show was hold at a parking lot in Wedding and live music and drinks were provided while the photos were projected inside a garage.



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