Review: Lomography Simple Use Camera.

Thanks to the folks at Lomography we have been able to test theirĀ Simple Use Film Camera. While we try to master the subtle art of purple photography with this version of their point and shoot camera, we found that this compact disposable film camera comes preloaded with the Lomochrome Purple film and you can reload it and reuse the camera with new film, so that you can create moody shots filled with fine grain and rich monochrome or color tones with every click of the shutter. The following pictures where shot with color regular film and Lomochrome Purple at different locations in Berlin.

The camera comes also with color gels filters for the flash, what makes this disposable camera fun and practical. However good light is necessary as the camera brings amazing images during the day and with sun-light but dark images when shooting with low light at night.

One of the things I like most about it is that is portable and light, the Simple Use Film Camera can easily be your go-to camera and you can keep it always on your pocket for everyday shooting.

The camera is not a hi-quality tool, but we didn’t expect this, on the contrary is a great lomography kind of camera, with quirky colors, framing and light leaks. We love it!!

Technical facts:

  • Film Format: 35mm Film
  • Lens Focal Length: 31mm
  • Shutter Speed: 1/120s
  • Aperture: f/9
  • Focusing: 1m to Infinity
  • Flash: Built-in Flash (Press & Hold to Charge), 15-second Recycle Time
  • Battery: 1 x AA Battery
  • Dimensions (mm): 115 x 60 x 33

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