Open-Call: European Month of Photography

Berlin will celebrate the European Month of Photography during the whole month of October, and Berlin Mafia will be part of it.  We are inviting photographers from any nationality living in Berlin to exhibit their photos with us.  The chosen photos will be shown during two nights on an open air exhibition that will be projected on a huge wall in one of Berlin’s Gesundbrunnen buildings.

To be part of the exhibition send us 3 photos (72 dpi, JPG, min 800px on the largest side) to before October 5th!

Theme: Under the Surface.

Even if we can’t see it, beneath the surface, molecules are bonding and energy pushing up slowly. Is not just the material that is working, it is an opening into the processes of life within and around it.

Who are you under the facade?
What have you found rummaging on beneath the surface of your life in Berlin?

“Just under the surface I shall be, all
together at first, then separate and drift,
through all the earth and perhaps in the end
through a cliff into the sea, something of me.

A ton of worms in an acre,
that is a wonderful thought,
a ton of worms, I believe it.”

Samuel Beckett

Foto: ©antoniocastello

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