be part of our next show – Open Call: Bewegung

— Bewegung : Noun, Movement.

Do you want to be part of our next group exhibition? Send us your photos and be part of our family of photographers and visual artists.

Theme:  Movement– After a strong lock down and long winter, Berlin has slowly come back to live. Bars, dancing and moving around are again permitted and the city is full of activity.

We want to see your photos and your interpretation of movement, ask yourself, what is movement for me? Whether it is dancing, walking, making love, sports or hugging your friends again, we are looking forward to seeing it.

Who?: Berliners. This exhibition Open-Call is open only to  those artists living in Berlin.

How to apply? Send us 1 to 5 photos in JPEG format to our email: before July 15th

How much? The One call doesn’t have any cost, however if your art gets selected you will be in charge of printing, framing and hanging your own art. If you sell any of your prints you get 100% of the sale. However we will print a small art book with the selected photos and we ask you to contribute 10€ for the print (you will get a copy of it). 

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