City Grips / Monat der Fotografie Vernissage

The Berlin Mafia’s crew it’s having it’s first exhibition during the Monat der Fotografie!!! “City Grips” will open on Thursday the 25th at 7:00 pm and we will celebrate it with wine and music.

It’s busnies, and it’s working. The exhibition will show photos from some of the members of our gang: Patrice Baunov,  Valentina di Berardino, Antonio Castello and Elisa Sánchez; they decided to take advantage of their diverse experiences and visions to analyze their own connections with Berlin. A kaleidoscopic, subjective and fractional photographic answer arises from this process.

Berlin grabs people unaware, whether they choosed the city freely or not. City Grips is about the process of being captured by a place, a condition of belonging, how and why it happens.

Where: Paulina’s Friends – Gartenstraße 114, 10115 Berlin, Germany
When: Oct 25th – Oct 31.
Vernissage: Thursday Oct 25th, 7pm.

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