Berlin KDZ and the photographer behind them

Who are the people living in Berlin nowadays? Where do they come from? What do they do for work? What do they have in their minds? All and more of this questions are answered by the Italian born, Berlin based analog photographer Andrej russkovskij on his photograph series BLNKDZ or for those using hashtags #meettheberlinkids

The portraits series started in Berlin around October 2017 until now, where the models (people you could easily meet on your daily commute to work) are not just pretty faces, but actually, young adults who are not afraid to make a statement. They might have different backgrounds, goals, ages, and professions, but they’re united by a similar brave, empowering, profound approach to life, which is undoubtedly also made possible by the city they all call home: Berlin

Behind each of this photographs there’s a story, a short statement or simply a quote by each of the characters photographed by Andrej. Happy stories, or sad statements, extravagant dreams, intimate or intimidate ideas, those are the Berlin kids in all their beautiful contradictions.

“From self acceptance, to finding a passion, to rebelling to a macho society, Russian superstitions, the creative process, dealing with your life after turning thirty… Of course there are also a few captions about this city. About a love-hate relationship with Berlin, being born and raised in such a desired and discussed place, about its role in finding or losing yourself… ”

However and as incredible as it sounds Andrej’s photography is just a hobby for him. The artist works on a daily basis as a vet, he never had a photograph course and everything started just a experimental process, a way to scape reality and explore his creative side.

“To be fair, I simply love to take portraits and to connect with people. I absolutely like how, most of the times,  the intimacy and reciprocal trust achieved during a session can be the start of a friendship or make a bond even stronger. ”

The B L N K D Z series has been futures by meany media outlets and the artist hold an exhibition and Book launch in February 2019. The complete series can bee follow on his instagram account or by visiting his official website.

The project is not yet over, so stay tuned, maybe you could become the next face of the Berlin Kidz?

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