La Famiglia

Manifesto by The Berlin Mafia Organization.
“It’s nothing personal, it’s just business”

We, the associate partners of Berlin Mafia declare:

1- The ultimate goal of our art is to accomplish social change.

2- We live in a world in which almost every Government, Democracy, Dictator, Politician, Military, Police, Sport and Religion institutions around the world are contaminated with illegal money provided by criminal and private enterprises.

3- This illegal influx of money in politics and social institutions have created a society that can not longer trust their leaders. It’s a fact that our leaders work for criminal and private enterprises instead of focusing on the benefit of the people that trust them.

4- As an outcome of this undeniable truth we have created Berlin Mafia. An organized art collective that look forward to escape from this money contamination trough the organization and oversight of  art projects, we want to attack or run away from the propaganda and ideas of those in power that manipulate us for their own agenda. We aim at the same time to share and promote the work of those that seem to “brake the law” while the only thing they are doing is to express their self trough art.

5- Berlin Mafia is a select organized group of highly effective laborers. We are a family of different local Berlin based visual artists whose primary activities goal is the protection of our own, and the organization and oversightment of art agreements and transactions. We have offices in Switzerland and Colombia that facilitates our business transactions.

Every business has a beginning but if we tell you ours we will have to kill you! Just stick with the basics: in our family we look after each other, we promote and encourage the work and art of each one of us, we organize multiple art projects with local Berliners.  We help our community by teaching workshops, new techniques and tips to young local aspirants; our vision is to opent their minds to a new unlimited universe of ideas, and eventuly bring them to the Family.

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Angaben gemäß § 5 TMG

Berlin Mafia

Antonio Castello. “Der Pate”
Grüntaler Strasse 23
13357 Berlin ,Germany
t. +49 (0) 157 89790776






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