Our recommended exhibition in Berlin this week takes place at Urban Spree Galerie, where the photography of the native Bordeaux artist Toums it’s on view until the 12th of November with his series « Primitive Acids »

Le trader — épreuve gelatino bromure d’argent 37,5*37,5cm sur papier 50*40cm 2015


In his first German solo show, the French experimental analog photographer Thomas Gosset (a.k.a. Toums) plays with his analog negatives, acid, ink, paint and other physical alterations while creating a strong pyschodelic game of manipulated images that let the brain of the viwer experiment the photo in many different leveles.

His images are mainly made of portraits. In the lab the films are revealed in the darkroom process and printed on silver gelatin. “Soon to be destroyed by acids, slowly corroding the matter, As the film returns to dust, the portraits become fugitives, trying to escape their own fate, living in a printed dimension and refusing mortality. It is no accident that most Toums compositions are building a new mythology with some elements borrowed from the Greek corpus of myths.

Le baiser radioactif — épreuve gelatino bromure d’argent 41*40cm sur papier 50*60cm 2017

« I destroy my own films with the intention of entering in the very heart of the photosensitive material, which allows me to have a direct control over the frozen reality that I destructure at will. The goal being to understand this matter as painting with the intention of pushing back the normal process of photography to expand my own field of investigation and thus regain an imaginative and narrative freedom. For years I wanted to freeze absurd moments in reality. »

Urban Spree Galerie
Revaler Str. 99
10245 Berlin

On view until  12.11 2017
Tu-Sa : 12:00-18 :30



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