The photography world of Baunovart is based on breaking photography rules, his playground is everything outside of the mainstream images: multiple exposures, scratchs, mistakes, expired films, weird colors, images with out a context, in a few words his work is a romantic one it doesn’t need a meaning, it doesn’t follows a pattern.

In this colorful series we  jump in a deep see of turquoise, purple, green, orange and yellow colors whit Patrice Baunov (a.k.a Baunovart), a German analog photographer based in Berlin. For Patrice, film photography is an “intimate medium that shows the interaction between the photographer and his surroundings during a specific moment.” And it’s not hard to believe his words when you get into his last series of traveling photography shooting with the Lomography Purple and Turqoise experimental LomoChrome film in Bulgaria.

You can find all the work of Banouvart at his Lomography Home webpage or follow him on Instagram and Facebook. In the meanwhile, enjoy his series shot in the beautifull beaches and fields of Bulgaria.




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