Beyond Gender, our new Book.


We have been busy here at the BerlinMafia studio the last weeks, but the hard work has finally paid-out an we are happy to celebrate the release of our new photo-book: Beyond Gender.

Beyond Gender is a collection of photos from the Berlin Based Colombian photographer Antonio Castello, and the fashion styling of Paulina’s Friends. The book was designed here at the Berlin Mafia Studio.

This photo series are the result of a photo shooting after the models applied an open call. It was originally aimed at transgender, intersexual, bisexual, homosexual, as well as heterosexual people, who live their identity independent of their gender and sexual orientation. These portraits show strong personalities beyond the sexes that were shaped by their authentic stories.

You can also visit the complete photo exhibition at Berlin’s Art Gallery Paulina’s Friends.

You can now buy the book in our Online Shop.


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