Our Recommended exhibition for February  has a name as good as its art: Alana Richards‘s exhibition “Morphium; Hallucinations of a Kabaret” on view at the Ballery, plays with all those faces, dreams, and hallucinations that were the “normale Weise” during the Weimer Republic and that still today are taking the underground world of a modern Berlin in the shape of cabaret nights. Faces like that of Le Pustra, the local Goodness of Today’s Berlin Cabaret scene, a couple of  sisters that look like the artist herself, an elegant man and his tuxedo, portraits that are painted with sadness and grace in this beautiful exhibition by the Irish young artist. Whit her show Richards take us back to a time of elegance and seduction, an era that lucky for some of us is still alive.

MORPHIUM : Hallucinations of a Kabarett
23rd Feb – 6th March
The Ballery, Nollendorfsrasse 11-12, 10777, Berlin
Opening times : Mon – Fri 16h – 19h
Sat 12h – 17h

Images: ©Alana Richards




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