The European Month of Photography has finally started and if you are as confused as everyone with so many photographers, galleries and events going on in and around Berlin, no worries my friend, our mafia partners have make the homework for you and selected the 10 best things you can’t miss during the biggest event of photography in the capital of Germany.

1-  Street Projections.
Photo: ©Christian Reister

Photo: © Christian Reister

Joelle Chmiel, Haris Deligiannis, Daniele Esposito, Lars Klingenberg, Oliver Krumes, Heloisa Lodder, Jean Penders, Andrzej Pilichowski Ragno, Christian Reister, Michael Schölzel, Alain Schroeder, Stanislav Sitnikov, Martin U Waltz

PhotoWerkBerlin brings street photography back to the street. For the third time in a row, this art project in public space makes various living realities from all over the world visible with nighttime projections on the sidewalks of Kurfürstendamm.

Where: Kurfürstendamm – Jachimsthaler Straße 10 – 10719 (Charlottenburg)
When: 29 Sep – 25 Nov

2- Manhattan Sunday
Photo: ©Richard Renaldi

Photo: © Richard Renaldi

Richard Renaldi

“Manhattan Sunday” is a personal account of New York nightlife and at the same time an homage to New York as a place of self-fulfillment, a canvas on which people have been projecting their desires, dreams and imaginations for generations. The black-and-white large format images describe a Saturday night and a Sunday morning in Manhattan. The series is a collection of portraits, urban landscapes and interiors of bars and clubs, capturing New York’s vibrant nightlife and the moment when the clubs release their guests into the morning, into the streets of the sleeping city.

Where: Robert Morat Galerie – Linienstraße 107 – 10115 (Mitte)
When: 8 Sep – 10 Nov

3- Between Art & Fashion / Photographs from the Collection of Carla Sozzani
© Alice Springs : Helmut Newton, Rue Aubriot. 1976.

© Alice Springs : Helmut Newton, Rue Aubriot. 1976.

Richard Avedon, Cecil Beaton, Erwin Blumenfeld, Larry Clark, Ralph Gibson, Peter Lindbergh, Sarah Moon, Helmut Newton, Irving Penn, Alice Springs

Carla Sozzani, former editor-in-chief of Italian Elle and Vogue, has been collecting photographs for many years. Since 1990, she has also exhibited many of these works in her Milan gallery in close cooperation with internationally renowned photographers, including Helmut Newton, whom she showed four times: “Ritratti di donna” in 1993, “Impressions, Polaroids” in 1996, “Us and Them” in 1999, together with Alice Springs, and “Yellow Press” in 2003. The personal friendship between Sozzani and Newton led to the current presentation of her multifaceted photography collection at the Helmut Newton Foundation. “Between Art & Fashion” not only features numerous icons, it also offers some surprises. Following venues in Paris and Switzerland, it is now being shown for the first time in Germany, in a new arrangement. In thematic response to the exhibition location, some of the photographers are represented with only a single print, others with a small group of works.

Where: Helmut Newton – StiftungJebensstraße – 210623 (Charlottenburg)
When: 2 JUN – 18 NOV

4 – Coincidences
Photo: ©Petrov Ahner

Photo: © Petrov Ahner

Petrov Ahner

Strangers encounter one another every day; they see each other, sometimes through dirty, foggy, rain-streaked, or reflective panes of glass. Until the doors open and their paths cross, one standing in the way or the other stepping aside, after which they pass by and immediately forget one another. Petrov Ahner records these moments just before the door opens, and he does this not in the formal language of classical photography but in images in which individual features appear hazy, unclear, veiled in shadow. The focus is not on the individual person; everything individual dissolves.

Where: Carpentier Galerie – Meinekestraße – 10719 (Charlottenburg)
When: 2 OCT – 2 NOV

5- Golden Hearts
Photo: © Sibylle Bergemann

Photo: © Sibylle Bergemann

An exhibition with photographs by Sibylle Bergemann and Martin Parr
Sibylle Bergemann, Martin Parr

“Golden Hearts” contrasts select black-and-white photographs from the series Clärchens Ballhaus (1976) by Sibylle Bergemann and Yate’s Wine Lodges (1983) by Martin Parr. The bar as one of the oldest institutions of everyday life is a space of social relationships of all kinds. Cheerfulness and community alternate with loneliness and tristesse. Political systems and social structures exert their mutual effects on one other.

Where: Loock Galerie – Potsdamer Straße 63 – 10785 (Tiergarten)
When: 27 Sep – 21 Dec

6- Humans at War
Photo: © Hosam Katan

Photo: © Hosam Katan

Photographs by Hosam Katan

Hosam Katan, born 1994 in Aleppo, was only eighteen when he started working as a photojournalist for the Aleppo Media Center during the Syrian Civil War. His evocative pictures of a war-torn city struggling to survive were soon acquired by Reuters News Agency and published in numerous international magazines. The exhibition focuses on people’s everyday lives amidst the turmoil of war in Aleppo. Hosam Katan’s large-format photographs show life between despair and grief, between moments of joy, hope, and carrying on. The pictures don’t downplay the effects of the war, but show that human dignity survives even in the most extreme situations. Hosam Katan left his home country at the end of 2015 and today lives in Germany. His work has received numerous international awards. The exhibition follows on from the series of conversations at the gallery in the autumn of 2017, in which the photographer spoke about his work and his experiences in Syria.

Where: BENHADJ & DJILALI Galerie – Torstraße 170 – 10115 (Mitte)
When: 28 Sep – 1 Nov

7- Finding  Vivian Mier (Event)
Photo: © Vivian Maier

Photo: © Vivian Maier

Film screening

The documentary from the year 2013 narrates how the American filmmaker and author John Maloof “discovered” the photographer Vivian Maier. “The result is a fascinating portrait of an artist with an open eye, whose lens was able to gaze into the souls of strangers,” as the Berlinale info brochure wrote in 2014, when the film came in second in the Panorama Audience Prize, category documentary. The film garnered additional awards at other international festivals.

Where: Galerie Ruhnke – Charlottenstraße 122 – 14467 (Potsdam)
When: Oct 26

8- Vivian Maier In her own hands.
Photo: © Vivian Mier

Photo: © Vivian Maier

In only a few years, Vivian Maier has risen to become one of the most important American photographers of the twentieth century. While she was alive, she showed her photographs, which numbered more than 150,000 negatives, to no one; she didn’t even see a large part of her work herself. In 2007, at an auction, several thousand undeveloped rolls of film were discovered alongside vintages and negatives.

Vivian Maier’s photographic eye remains fascinating to this day. Born 1926 in New York City as the daughter of European immigrants, she earned a living as a nanny for over forty years. Her real passion, however, was photography. Her images, taken for the most part in the 1950s and 1960s, captured the street life of Chicago and New York. Her photos are direct; she shot what she saw and trusted her intuition. Her images speak of the beauty of the ordinary and the tragic-comic element that so often dwells in the banalities of life.

Where: Willy-Brandt-Haus -Stresemannstraße 28 – 10963 (Kreuzberg)
When: 26 Sept – Jan 7

9- Martin Schoeller
Photo: © Martin Schoeller

Photo: © Martin Schoeller

The exhibition presents new, never-before-shown works by Martin Schoeller from his internationally renowned series “Close Up”. The portraits explore the ways in which celebrities are seen and perceived, underscored by the artist’s serial working method. For more than twenty years now, Martin Schoeller has been making portraits using an individual and inimitable formal and pictorial language that isolates and emphasizes individual facial characteristics. The people he portrays accept the rules the photographer imposes—rules that have made his style world-famous and that include the minimal application of makeup and a consistency in camera perspective and lighting. In the process, Martin Schoeller strips away the tools celebrities use to stage themselves and to fabricate a particular image; the result is that they seem vulnerable, unmasked, and easier to read, more like facial studies. Martin Schoeller studied at the Lette-Verein in Berlin and worked as an assistant to Annie Leibovitz. He lives and works in New York.

Where: CWC GALLERY – Auguststraße 11 – 10117 (Mitte)
When: 29 Sept – 17 Nov

10-  Staged – Provoked – Analyzed
Three photographic positions from the former GDR
Photo: © Matthias Leupold

Photo: © Matthias Leupold

Kurt Buchwald, Matthias Leupold, Manfred Paul

The exhibition brings together tree different outstanding artistic positions in the medium of photography in the pre-1989 former East Germany.

Staged: Matthias Leupold shows the series Flag Raising Ceremony;
Provoked: Kurt Buchwald shows action photos and rare works of performances;
Analyzed: Manfred Paul shows previously unpublished still lifes.

Where: Photo Edition Berlin -Ystader Straße 14A Galerie, Verlag und Sammlung für Fotografie – 10437 (Prenzlauer Berg)
When: 19 Sep – 12 Dec



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