All the way from Colombia, we are proud to introduce to our Gallery, the art of  Antonio Castello, a Freelance photographer and Visual Artist based in Berlin. His Burlesque series show a mix of myriad and anachronistic influences celebrating the liberating effects of fantasy and surrealism in front of his lens.

During 2014 New Year’s Eve, Castello was invited to a private hi-society party in Wall Street, NYC. Little he knew that this will be the beginning of an ongoing Burlesque Photography Project in which he is now working based in Berlin.

It all started in his local town, Bogotá, where he was raised among a family of artist, there he studied Graphic Design and Classic Photography; a few years after graduating, Antonio developed the first Online Design Store in Colombia with a group of friends (, 2007) , after working hard on this brand the opportunity knock to his doors in 2012  when moved to New York City to join the Photography scene working with the US Lomography team.

Foto: ©AntonioCastello“My photos of Burlesque parties have been shared and published by different international magazines. But more than this, I really enjoy the ambient when shooting burlesque, the freedom and energy from the old times can be really inspiring”.

Now in Berlin, Antonio Castello spend most of his time working as a freelancer photographer and graphic designer. He continues his Burlesque series shooting the local night life Berlin scene, he also teach weekly photography workshops for begginers and professional alike, and nowadays you can find him working on his next exhibition “Beyond Gender” which will open at the end of September at “Paulina’s Friends” Gallery.

Antonio is a proud member of Berlin Mafia. We leave you with some of his Burlesque Photos, enjoy!



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