Berlin Street Artists: Liz Art

Last time in this series of Street Artist we spoke with Riser 61 about his graffiti art. In this second chapter we wanted to talk with one of those powerful women that are part of just a small percentage of Street Artists in Berlin (in average only 30% of the global street artists are female): LIZ ART stencil and paste up Artist.

Liz art was born and raised in Berlin (one of those few unicorns). She started with her first stencil work and paste ups at the end of 2016. But for those who don’t now not much about street art techniques you just need to know that stencil is the art of creating templates, or intermediate like objects with designed gaps in it which the pattern or image reach some parts of the painted surface.

Before Liz started doing her stencil she was doing photography and photographing some shows but it was something more as a hobby. However she was always interested in Graffiti- and Street art, and after traveling a lot and discovered many hot spots full of different styles of art, she ended up spending most of her time in these areas cool bars, restaurants, clubs, hip coffee shops, etc.

It was then in 2016 when she decided to try and create her own street art by doing some stencils, with the time it became a passion. Liz was just involved with the idea of bringing your own artwork into the streets, no wonder why Berlin streets are called the biggest public gallery in Europe.

For Liz Street art is not only a passion, to combine travelling and artwork you can have a lot of fun in different cities. “You meet many artists from all over the world if you are open to that”.

Liz art is made 100% by hand, the stencils she creates are drawn by hand and hand cut.

“The time to finish a stencil piece really depends on the size and the shadows (layers) you want to create. It can be 2 days and 2 nights or even a week.”
If you visit Berlin you can find her art in many corners, you only have to search for the Catwoman paste ups, so we ask Liz why she decided to pick this heroine as her model:
“I like to choose images of women portraits or like in my Catwoman – Batman series something more comic style, I want to show strong, powerful women with elegance and sex-appeal. I also like to paste cat figures because I am a cat lover and I like how cats have their own mind and strong characters. As people usually say : “Cats come when they like to and not when they are told…”

Finally we asked Liz about her favourite Berlin stencil street Artist:
“There are many good stencil artists people, but Fatal Art and Lembo Art are my favs”.


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